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“Derivative Lab Courses ™” is FIT Legal’s pioneering digital educational and training platform sharing knowledge about the banking and finance industry

One of the first of its kind, our e-learning resource is created for all those currently working in or interested in the derivatives industry and keen to gain unique knowledge about the legal banking and finance field.

Derivatives Lab aims to bring conscious learning to all those looking for unique information about ISDA Master Agreement and beyond and Dedicated to is trading agreements’ negotiations.

Its aim is to share practical, unique knowledge acquired through years of experience to help empower young professionals further their career in the industry.

Three Good Reasons to Get Your ISDAs Checked-Up!

Three Good Reasons to Get Your ISDAs Checked-Up! Whilst the ISDA Master Agreement (“ISDA”) is standardised, it can and should be customised bilaterally to fit your business needs, strategy and credit profile. Once in place, the ISDA doesn’t have a termination date. ….Continue Reading

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