FIT Legal Consulting

FIT Legal consulting provides specialist solutions and industry best practices to your counterparty trading arrangements.

The services we offer go beyond legal advice and are designed to deliver trading and commercial solutions, as well as industry best practices, always bearing in mind your business strategies and objectives. Our team of highly experienced experts offer a unique, holistic approach from a hedge fund / asset management perspective across a wide range of fund structures, strategies and products.


How FIT Legal can help you

Buy-Side, Asset Management and Investment Funds

Negotiating trading agreements is our  area of expertise. FIT Legal specialises in negotiation and review of a broad range of trading agreements – ISDA, Prime Brokerage, Custody, Futures & Options, Clearing documentation and many more.  We are experienced in negotiating complex trading arrangements and have a wealth of experience across a wide range of products and investment strategies. From peer benchmarking, reviewing your existing ISDAs, preparing internal policies, templates and checklists, to managing fund launches and on-boarding with broker counterparties.

Sell-Side, Service Providers and Financial Institutions

To avoid any potential conflicts of interest, FIT Legal can only represent the buy-side in any bilateral training documentation negotiations. Our sell-side clients, however, can benefit from a range of consulting services. From sharing the buy-side’s perspective on in-house templates, reviewing the negotiation “playbooks”, to bespoke training sessions on how to negotiate with the buy-side, we also consult on developing and building in-house legal teams for large corporations and publicly listed companies. 

Asset Allocators and Institutional Investors

FIT Legal Solutions is experienced in providing health and risk checks of service providers terms to ensure alignment with internal policies of the asset allocators and institutional investors. We can deliver bespoke training sessions on product launch processes and buy-side / sell-side interaction. We also work with asset allocators on their fund and investment management agreements, commercial platform arrangements and bespoke deal documentation.

That’s not all / Additional services

Whether you are a market participant interested in discussing bespoke trading solutions for your business or a derivatives enthusiast, please see our company brochure for an overview of our full service offering.

For all your counterparty trading arrangements contact us contact page for more information on what service offering we can provide for your business needs.

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